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Amish Apple Dumplings

These Amish apple dumplings are prepared by our local Mennonite market for the local fruit farm's annual apple picking open house.

Author: Anonymous

Apple Cake IV

A great tasting, moist cake and a great way to use up extra apples

Author: Ann

Best Apple Crumble

Personal recipe... the way I make it in Australia. Apple crumble pie with coconut and rolled oats. Cut up and serve with hot or cold custard!

Author: RANDOM804

Apple Maple Crumble Pie

This is a good recipe to use when you have fresh apples in autumn.


Apple Cake V

A quick and easy apple cake. Moist and satisfying.

Author: Deb

Apple Pie in a Jar

This is great to do when apples are abundant and can be used on waffles and ice cream too.


Blue Ribbon Apple Crumb Pie

Delicious and easy! No rolling out the pie crust!

Author: Danielle W.

Apple Pie Cookies

Made with cream cheese, a warm apple filling, and dusted with cinnamon sugar... These things go quick in my house.

Author: Jen Spiess

Applesauce Brownies I

Really delicious and moist brownies.

Author: Carol

Aunt Lydia's Apple Cake

This recipe was originated by my aunt about 60 years ago. It can be served for a breakfast treat or for dinner with a scoop of ice cream. It took many...

Author: TOPCOOK82

Apple Tapioca Pudding

Cooked in the slow cooker, this warm pudding is smooth and creamy on a cold winter morn.

Author: Shannan

Washington Apple Cake

This recipe keeps well and freezes even better. My family and friends love it. Great for those parties when you need to take a dessert or just because...

Author: Alice

Passover Apple Cake

My mother, Faye Grant, has been making this apple cake for her Seders for years. It's the best apple cake you'll ever taste!!

Author: Shelley Ross

Root Beer Cake II

Root beer soda gives this cake its distinctive flavor.

Author: Rhonda


A sweetly spiced apple combination that is a must at your Passover table.

Author: Eilenn Mintz

Apple Cake I

This is a tasty cake that stores well and is quite easy to make.

Author: Judy Richardson

Brenda's Apple and Pomegranate Crisp

This is a crisp using apples and pomegranate seeds for a festive fall dessert.


Delicious Apple Pie Bars

Delicious apple pie in a bar! Apple pie filling sandwiched between two layers of pie crust - like a portable apple pie you can cut up and share and snack...

Author: Baker S

Heavenly 'Apple of My Thigh' Dessert

This dessert is SOOOO easy and delicious!!! All you need is 5 ingredients to make this! Cream cheese mixed with caramel then topped with toffee bar pieces...


Apple Taffy Cake

A delicious recipe from mother-in-law's recipe collection.

Author: Karen

Country Apple Dessert

This is one of the most delicious recipes I've ever had using fruit!

Author: sparkleznspice

Applesauce Brownies II

A plain cake-like brownie, moist with great chocolate taste. Easy to make.


Delicious Apple Crisp

This takes a little longer but is truly worth the extra effort. You can use the apple filling as topping for ice cream, for apple crisp, apple pie, or...

Author: Andrea McKay

Apple Pie Cupcakes

This is one of my favorite little desserts. I normally grab one in the morning for a little snack or when guests come over for dinner. It's great served...

Author: Jasmine

Taffy Apple Cake

Spicy cake filled with fragrant apples and gooey caramel.

Author: shirleyo

Fluffy Apple Dumplings

Fluffy Apple Dumplings

Author: Joyce

Apple Dapple Cake with Lime Glaze

This is a moist, rich, robust apple cake. It's over-the-top with lots of different flavors and one you will never forget once you've tasted it. Enjoy!

Author: Nomnomnom

Special Frosted Applesauce Cake

A cake made with applesauce covered with fondant frosting.


Virginia Apple Pudding

This is a wonderful old family recipe served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream.


Rum Cranberry Applesauce Bundt Cake

My Mother (80+years old) raved about this recipe. She's requested I bring it to all functions.


Apple Cake with Raisins

This is a dense and moist apple cake, almost like a carrot cake made with apples, which could be served as dessert, brunch, or morning coffee treat.



A sweetly spiced apple combination that is a must at your Passover table.

Author: Eilenn Mintz

Minnesota Apple Crisp

The simplest apple crisp recipe proves that less is more when it comes to apples. I grew up with this recipe and it never fails to impress. If you have...

Author: T. Larson