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Anna's Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a recipe my friends' mom gave me and I thought the cookies were excellent!

Author: Stacey

Imperial Cinnamon Red Hot® Cookies

A twist on a white chocolate toffee cookie recipe: added cinnamon to the dough, and replaced the white chocolate chips and toffee with cinnamon chips and...

Author: MARCUS1124

Cornflake Cookies II

This is definitely one of the best corn flake cookies I've ever tasted!! Easy to make and so very little ingredients!

Author: Narny

Pioneer Cookies

These are very delicious and is a type of oatmeal cookie.

Author: Carol

Doubletree Hotel's Cookies

These are the best cookies that I have ever tasted and I am very fortunate to have had someone share this recipe with me. Now I'll share it with you!

Author: Stephanie Watts

Campfire S'mores Pudding Cookies

Campfire s'mores in cookie form! You want these cookies to be slightly undercooked. It helps make them extra soft!

Author: toria

Fudgy Chocolate Drops

A super fudgy and chewy chocolate cookie. To make milk sour, add two teaspoons of vinegar to a cup of milk and let it sit for five minutes.

Author: Anita

Cherry Chip Cookies II

These cookies are like chocolate chip cookies, but with cherry chips instead. What a treat!

Author: Lisa

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies III

This is by far the best chocolate chip recipe I have found - everyone asks for the recipe. This is the traditional chocolate chip cookie - much like a...


Peppermint Bark Cookies

A light, festive holiday cookie for those who enjoy peppermint bark but might prefer something less time-consuming. I wanted a peppermint cookie that was...

Author: Dianna S.

Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tasty cookies with a protein supplement, perfect for people who work out and are grossed out by protein shakes. Can substitute flavored supplements for...

Author: Cathy

Mocha White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Traditional chocolate chip cookies get a makeover with cocoa powder and instant coffee in the batter. White chocolate chips add contrast and a burst of...

Author: Sarah-May

Christmas Lizzies

Fruit cake-like cookies. Store in an airtight container. The can also be frozen. Cookies are better after a few days, they soften.

Author: Mary

Ashley's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was only 14 when I made up this recipe. Since my first batch, it's been everybody's favorite. If you follow the directions and measurements exactly,...

Author: Ashley Stay

Cowboy Cookies (Dunkin' Platters)

These are great for dunking and are also large and satisfying enough for a man's appetite. Cowboy cookies should be about 2-1/2 inches in diameter. My...

Author: Lynete Guerrero

Christmas Fruit Cookies

If you are a fruitcake lover, you are sure to love this cookie.

Author: Carol

Ammonia Cookies

This old fashioned peppermint cookie uses baker's ammonia for the leavening. Baker's ammonia can be purchased at pharmacies and drugstores. Ice with a...

Author: Dean Lawson

Everything Cookies I

As the name implies, these cookies have everything.

Author: J. Clark

Mango Hawaiian Cookies

This is a fresh cookie that I go for when I don't want the old standby chip cookies. A little lighter than most, and almost cake-like in the middle. They...

Author: Hupp

Monster Cookies VIII

Quick, easy cookie using a boxed cake mix as its base. Very moist and fluffy! Add any variations you desire such as pecans, candy, raisins or butterscotch...

Author: ESKMom

Currant Nut Drop Cookies

A delicious soft cookie with brown sugar frosting. A long time family favorite.

Author: WALLEN

Anise Seed Cookies

Cookies flavored with anise seeds and flavoring. Decorate with colored sprinkles, sugar or confectioners glaze for a more festive appearance.

Author: Bernie

Fudgies III

Easy and Chocolaty!


Sue's Two Chocolate Chip Cookies

This chocolate chip has white and semi-sweet chocolate chips. It will become your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe yet!

Author: Suzanne

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

A healthier alternative to chocolate chip cookies that uses zucchini and still tastes great!

Author: Amandini

Chocolate Chip Cookies IV

Soft chocolate chip cookies that can be made in an afternoon. Serve with ice cream and coffee for a satisfying dessert. Do not put one cookie on top of...

Author: KEREN M.

Sugar Free Cinnamon Cookies

These cookies use a sugar supplement instead of sugar.

Author: Potter Fogharty

Aunt Sally's Cocoa Drops

My mother used to make these cookies, they are my all time favorite. She usually frosted them with a white icing. I made them for my children but they...

Author: Gwen Brown


Have egg whites left over? This recipe will put them to good use.

Author: Elaine L. Smith

Orange Cream Cookie Mix

Orange and vanilla flavored cookies that make a wonderful gift.

Author: Rita

Three Hundred Chocolate Chip Cookies


Author: Tracey Eller