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Coconut Cream Pie VIII

You can use fresh coconut as the recipe calls for (it's to die for!) or you can use frozen or other coconut.

Author: SHERRY_G

Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Wafer Pie

Made with instant vanilla pudding in a chocolate crust with crushed chocolate wafer cookies. For a special treat, drizzle the pie with chocolate syrup...

Author: Brandon Shibley

Caramel Pie II

Easy caramel pie! And it tastes almost like the caramel pie from a well-known chain restaurant! Garnish with chocolate chips and nuts if desired.

Author: Patti

Cracker Pie II

This is a light meringue pie made with buttery crackers and walnuts. Delicious with whipped cream.

Author: Marquetta Bryant

Prize Mini Butter Tarts

I have been making these butter tarts for years and my family just loves them. The recipe is adapted from an old recipe from my grandmother.


Blender Pie

This is a great pie to impress company with, without taking all day to do it.

Author: Debbie Rowe

Aunt Carol's Apple Pie

Everyone in the family has something that they're the best at making. I make the best cookies, my sister, Carol, makes the best pies in the whole world!...no...

Author: Jo Ann Taylor

Freezer Pie Filling

Makes pie fillings from fresh fruit to freeze for later use. Double, triple or quadruple the recipe as needed. Try using peaches, pears, or cherries.

Author: Judy Metcalf

Grandma's Easy Egg Custard Pie Recipe...Cin

My Grandmother used to make egg custard pies for me `cause they were my fav, and she loved them too.

Author: Straws Kitchen(*o *)

Lemon Honey Butter Tarts

My grandmother used to keep bees, and all of us tried to come up with new ways to use honey. This recipe is my contribution to the effort. I've been making...

Author: Caroline Nielsen

Grandmother Taylor's Southern Chess Pie

This is by far my favorite pie. My grandmother always made this for me on Friday nights when I would stay with them. I watched her make it and share the...

Author: vicky hunt

Special Raisin Cream Pie

This is a cream pie; served cold, but with the spices and fruit of a winter dessert.

Author: Kitty

Rustic Blueberry and Fig Crostata

An incredibly simple free-form dessert, also know as a galette, that's perfect for new or experienced bakers. The complementary tarragon gives it a little...

Author: lutzflcat

Easy Key Lime Pie II

A very refreshing, easy Florida specialty pie!

Author: Carolyn

Cherry Raspberry Pie

Old fashioned summer pie with cherries and raspberries.

Author: Mama Fresh

Fruit of the Forest Pie



Vermont Maple Pumpkin Pie

A tangy sweet and freshing take on pumpkin pie as far as I know this was from my mom or grandmom

Author: malinda sargent

Buttermilk Pie with Molasses

This is a good pie for BBQ's or picnics. Someone's always asking me what is in this pie.

Author: Esther Nelson

Sour Cream Pudding Pie

Easy, creamy, and satisfying. There is NO baking to this. Blueberry pie filling may be substituted for the cherry.

Author: dmtv

French Pear Tart with Nuts

A very easy and quick pear tart with a puff pastry base and a topping of creme fraiche and mixed nuts.

Author: Marie-Capucine

Rhubarb Cherry Pie

Delicious! Fresh or frozen rhubarb may be used.

Author: Annabelle Magee

Mini Pecan Pie Tarts

I came across this idea when looking to serve favorite desserts in a cute and bite-size portion! The only work involved is the cutting out of your pie...

Author: cookin4therapy

Cracker Pie I

A light and sweet pie made with soda crackers. Top each slice with whipped cream.

Author: Glenda


I love sweet potato pie but needed one I could eat on my "no sugar added" eating plan. I've served this every Thanksgiving and my sons like it just as...


Sparkling Orange Cream Pie

This dessert is simple and refreshing and great for an easy summertime treat. Garnish as desired.

Author: RainbowJewels

Strawberry Icebox Pie

This no-bake strawberry pie is so simple to make! The filling is creamy and fluffy with a tart and sweet flavor. There are bits of strawberry in every...

Author: Lisa Johnson

Heavenly Chocolate Pie Regular or Sugar Free

This pie is delicious and can be made with any sugar free pudding mix. I have made with cream cheese pudding, vanilla pudding & pistachio pudding. This...

Author: Mary R Morris

Jan's Fresh Blueberry Pie

This is a superb, easy dessert made with all-fresh blueberries during the peak of their season. You're gonna love it! At serving time, garnish with whipped...

Author: MOM71

7 up pie crust

this pie crust won't leave you with saggy bottoms.

Author: Joyce Brown

Peach Custard Pie I

An easy pie made with fresh peaches. Our family can't wait for peach season!

Author: phaylock

No Bake Peanut Butter/Chocolate Pie

Easy to make, no baking, wonderful! You can substitute any chocolate spread for Nutella®, if desired.

Author: dan4th1

Mock Cheese Cake Pie

What could be simpler? Instant pudding mixed with cherry pie filling and yogurt! Excellent served with whipped topping.

Author: B. H. Snellings

Three Berry Pie

In this recipe you can use blackberries instead of raspberries. Frozen fruit may be used instead of fresh.

Author: Jenn Hall

Old Fashioned Spice Pie

This easy pie looks like pumpkin but tastes like apple. This pie has a "secret" ingredient! If you'd like a little more punch to your pie, add two tablespoons...

Author: Suzy


As most know I love Sweet Potatoes and can't remember not having them around. Sweet Potato Pies are cooked several different ways with several different...

Author: Jewel Hall

Lemon Pie without Condensed Milk

Easy lemon pie to transport, made without condensed milk.

Author: Barbara West Smith


I've always loved pies, really more than cake, so when I saw this recipe for German Chocolate Pie, I was thrilled. I can almost taste that creamy, chocolate-y...

Author: Ellen Bales

Tarte au Sucre I

This is a Canadian Maple sugar pie. Although it tastes a little like pecan, the flavor is more complex and leaves everyone asking for your secret. Earl...

Author: Kevin Ryan

Mock Apple Pie III

I remember my mother baking this when I was young. She kept my dad guessing for awhile on this one. A good stand-in for the real thing. May use lemon juice...

Author: Glenda

Quick and Simple Plum Cake

This plum cake is quite easy and quick to make if you use a food processor. It can be mixed by hand as well, it just takes a bit more time.

Author: LenaM

Pecan Pie Mini Bites

I detest the average pecan pie - which is really nothing more than custard filling in a bland pie crust with a layer of pecans on top. I decided years...

Author: Naomi Nakashima

Chocolate Supreme Pie

A Chocolate Lovers Dream! Use cookie pie crust instead of graham cracker if desired.

Author: Jason Dalrymple

Lemon Icebox Pie II

This recipe uses both evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk for a very rich taste.

Author: Bonnie Hammons

Caramel Apple Pie III

An easy caramel apple pie made with caramel candies and ice cream topping, sprinkled with pecans.

Author: sal

Toffee Cherry Butter Tarts

Traditional Canadian butter tarts with a delicious twist - dried cherries replace the standard raisins, and the optional melted toffee bits provide a sweet,...

Author: Helen Adams

Lemon Mousse Pie

A refreshing and light dessert, perfect for summer.

Author: schmerna

Amish Bob Andy Pie

Supposedly named because an Amish farmer declared it to be as good as his two workhorses, Bob and Andy.

Author: Mikekey *

Cranberry Pie I

What would be Thanksgiving without cranberries? Here is a lovely pie to go with that celebration.


Orange Kissed Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Orange juice and rind add extra flavor to a springtime favorite pie. I came up with this version when I needed to take a dessert to a summer dinner party....

Author: whodunitrdr

Orange Mousse Pie

So creamy and delicious! Like a dream-sicle in a slice of pie!

Author: Terrie Hoelscher