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Hot Mulled Cider German Glühmost

Traditional hot mulled cider with white wine 'Glühmost', and the more common red wine version 'Glühwein' are served throughout the cold weather season,...

Author: BecR2400

Cranberry Tea Hot Punch

Make and share this Cranberry Tea Hot Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: Annacia

Hibiscus Punch

The hibiscus flowers may be found in bags, at your grocery store. For a 'spiked' punch, just add vodka, to taste...Posted for ZWT.

Author: alligirl

Alton Brown's Blueberry Soda from Good Eats (Food Network)

Make and share this Alton Brown's Blueberry Soda from Good Eats (Food Network) recipe from Food.com.

Author: The College Cook

Sonic Cranberry Limeade

Make and share this Sonic Cranberry Limeade recipe from Food.com.

Author: StephanieNS

Sparkling Lemonade

Cool, refreshing lemonade, made to sparkle. Wonderful on a warm, sunny, summer afternoon. from Canadian Living mag.

Author: Derf2440

Cranberry Raspberry Non Alcoholic Fruit Punch

This is a very simple, quick recipe that I put together with what I happened to have available. The result is quite tasty! The splenda is partly for offsetting...

Author: Shuzbud

Pina Colada Flip (A Non Alcoholic Tropical Punch)

Found @ Cooks.com when I went searching for recipes to use a nearly full 2 lt bottle of Club Soda guests left for us (Time does not include chilling time...

Author: twissis

Simple Sangria

I had a craving for sangria and I found this on about.com. I just clarified the directions a little bit. It's a very simple recipe. Ideally you want to...

Author: flygirl 5

Applebee's Red Apple Sangria

Make and share this Applebee's Red Apple Sangria recipe from Food.com.

Author: rebeckym

Witch's Bubbly Brewed Punch Halloween

Eh heh heh heeeh my pretty... Step closer and take a taste of this delicious spooky punch! Once you have your first glass, you will be under my spell to...

Author: Lindas Busy Kitchen

Cranberry Sangria

I made this up for a Thanksgiving Potluck last year. It was such a hit, I had to make a second bowl!

Author: EmmyDuckie

Emerald Green Punch

Passing on a delicious recipe from my mom. I always make this punch at parties and family gatherings. It is perfect for St. Patty's day!

Author: Lucky Clover

Misty Fog Witch's Brew Halloween Punch

The dry ice creates a misty fog emanating from your punch bowl 'cauldron', setting the mood for your All Hallows Eve celebration! Very popular with guests...

Author: BecR2400

Pusser's Painkiller

Make and share this Pusser's Painkiller recipe from Food.com.

Author: Normaone

Lavender Infused Lemonade Martha Stewart

Make and share this Lavender Infused Lemonade -Martha Stewart recipe from Food.com.

Author: Pixies Kitchen

Ruby Relaxer Ruby Tuesday Copycat

This light and fruity drink is perfect for sipping on a summer afternoon. An undeniable girly drink (not to say that guys should not enjoy it as well),...

Author: Oenophilly

The Very Best Eggnog, Ever

Variations of this recipe can be found on many web pages. One page credits the NY Time but I am a Times Select member and have not been able to find it...

Author: MarielC

Advocaat (German Eierlikor)

Rich, thick and creamy homemade egg liqueur! Advocaat is traditionally served in a wide brimmed cocktail glass with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa...

Author: BecR2400

White Melon Sangria

Even though it seems a contradiction for a sangria to be made with white wine (since sangria is named for its blood-red color), once you've tasted this...

Author: kitty.rock

Kick Ass Wopatui Party Punch

This totally YUMMY, ADULT PARTY PUNCH, will kick your ass! The more fruit you add, the better! This is a very strong drink people! Please be responsible...

Author: Mrs.Thomas

Cranberry Raspberry Sangria

Perfect for an adult Halloween party or for Thanksgiving. My suggestion is to use the Grand Marnier. Chilling time is not included in the prep or cook...

Author: Lvs2Cook

Guatemalan Limeade

I learned this recipe in a small resturant in San Marcos while on a military tour. its a sour sweet blend.

Author: B Ahart

Virgin Sangria

ZWT7 South & Central America. Sangria Spanish: sangría; Portuguese: sangria; both meaning "bloody", is a wine punch. This is a recipe for sangria, without...

Author: UmmBinat

Top Rated Rum Punch

This is my favorite drink recipe. We are always asked to bring this to parties. This recipe makes about a gallon of punch. Be careful, it can really sneak...

Author: CookinMommy

Honey Peach Sangria

Sangria is a fruit-infused wine punch. Though often made with red wine, this white wine version is a delicious accompaniment to summer grilling.

Author: Member 610488

Witches' Brew

I think this could be kept warm in a crockpot or even make the whole brew in a crockpot. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (October 1987)

Author: ellie_

Alli's Rum Punch

Make and share this Alli's Rum Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: alligirl

Halloween Brew Ha Ha Punch

Make and share this Halloween Brew-Ha-Ha Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: littlemafia

Peach Raspberry Sangria

This is a delicious sangria! Perfect for the summer or a girlie get together! your guests will love it! I would suggest thinking twice about the vanilla...

Author: MeliBug

Nectar Sodas

A traditional Nectar Soda recipe. Cooking time does not include cooling time. (The calories calculated includes the entire 1 gallon of ice cream).

Author: gailanng

Tequila Punch

Bobby Flay created this yummy alcoholic punch. I love all the healthy juices and, of course, the tequila! This is super easy to make and contains 8 servings....

Author: LifeIsGood

2 Ingredient Easy Pink Raspberry Punch

I was in charge of finding a pink punch recipe for a reception and didn't find one on 'Zaar so I asked some friends. This is the one we used and it was...

Author: Cynthia Q

Party Punch (Kid Friendly)

This is a light, refreshing punch that is good for a party or shower...I made it for a family Christmas party and used lime sherbet, but I think any variety...

Author: KathleenP

Witch's Brew

From Semi-Homemade, foodnetwork.com, Halloween cocktail. *update* I made this for my halloween party and everyone loved it! I used ginger ale I had to...

Author: Kitty Kat Cook

Raspberry Lemonade Punch

Make and share this Raspberry Lemonade Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: Lavender Lynn

Witch's Brew Orange Cream Punch

No boiling, no toiling, and no trouble at all....just five minutes to this happy bubbly orange-cream punch. Now that's magic!!

Author: Chef mariajane

Lemon Berry Pitcher Punch

This punch is an easier version of a punch we served when I helped cater weddings. I got it from Taste of Home Fix it Fast. Everyone seemed to like that...

Author: chefpam

Bourbon Street Punch

Make and share this Bourbon Street Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: JackieOhNo

Warm Christmas Punch

Make and share this Warm Christmas Punch recipe from Food.com.

Author: bmcnichol

Purple Passion

Make and share this Purple Passion recipe from Food.com.

Author: princess7

Marché De Noël Vin Chaud French Spiced Mulled Wine

Whether you have just come of the ski slopes or you are wandering around a French Marché de Noël, a Christmas Market, this is JUST the beverage to warm...

Author: French Tart

White Sangria (Non Alcoholic)

Here's a non-alcoholic version of the sangria that visually compliments the standard red wine based sangria. Found on the net for ZWT 5. Cooking time does...

Author: Katzen

Mock Mimosa (From Kraft)

A virgin brunch drink that is refreshing as it is delicious. This recipe could be included in a Lite-Bleu menu. All Lite-Bleu recipes are complete meals...

Author: 2Bleu

Watermelon Agua Fresca

This refreshing drink is served by roadside vendors all over Mexico. Not too much fruit, not too much sugar, just a beautiful way to quench your thirst...

Author: kitty.rock

Pink Lemonade Wine Spritzers

This recipe is from Sandra Lee of Semi Homemade. It is very good in the summer! I have also used Raspberry Lemonade, Fresca and plain Vodka with great...

Author: Little Suzy Homemak

Old Fashioned Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena Lemonade Syrup

There are numerous recipes for lemon balm lemonade, and I have an old English recipe myself that I make regularly - but, if you find that it is sometimes...

Author: French Tart

Hawaiian Screwdriver

One day, for some strange reason, I had only pineapple juice kicking around and no orange juice. So I gave this a try.

Author: uninspired42

St Vincent Rum Punch

This is a classic rum punch recipe that follows the 1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong and 4 of weak formula. The way it is served makes it uniquely St...

Author: RonaNZ

St. Croix Mango Rum Punch

We concocted this rum punch after returning from our honeymoon in St. Croix. We fell in love with Cruzan mango rum while there, so we returned toting several...

Author: SweetPeaNC