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Shaddock's Fizz

Author: Jennifer Steinhauer

Cranberry Vodka Slush

A quick, easy drink to make. This recipe makes quite a bit and it can be kept in the freezer for months, as long as it's in a tightly sealed container....

Author: S I

Ruby Relaxer Ruby Tuesday Copycat

Wedding Jitters soother.

Author: Penny Hall

Pisco Sour

The pisco sour is sweet-tart, richly textured and crowned with a fluffy white top. The origins of the drink, a blend of pisco (a South American brandy),...

Author: Rebekah Peppler

"Red Eye" (Beer 'n Tomato or Clamato Juice)

I love beer 'n tomato juice cocktails! You can vary this recipe to your own personal taste, too. Some like barely any in there at all, just a shot, and...

Author: Kelly Williams

The Old Cuban

Author: Pete Wells


"You can drink a mojito without really thinking about it, and that's a pretty good recommendation for a summer cocktail," William Hamilton wrote in a 2002...

Author: William L. Hamilton


Sean Josephs created this spicy-sweet cocktail of bourbon, maple syrup, ginger beer and lime juice to serve at his now-closed barbecue restaurants, Maysville...

Author: Florence Fabricant

Orange Slush


Author: Katrina Freed

Kingston Negroni

The bartender Joaquín Simó created this funky rum twist on the classic Negroni formula while working at Death & Co, a popular New York cocktail bar....

Author: Robert Simonson

Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies

This is a recipe that I had posted on another site and got lots of great reviews on it. Just in time for Christmas.........Hope you enjoy!!

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

The White Cosmopolitan

Author: Jesse Mckinley

Perfect Red Apple Martini

I've tried many red apple martinis and found out that simple is best! I don't like powder mixes and I don't like martinis that are too sour...so this was...

Author: Lillian Russo

Cherry Lime Mojito

This mojito will be fantastic at any summer party. It's slightly sweet, tangy and very refreshing thanks to the fresh mint. You taste the rum in this adult...

Author: Cara J Mastrangello

Butterscotch Eggnog

I love eggnog and this is a super simple way to enjoy it.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Bartenders Root Beer

From Hawaiian Cocktails.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Italian Stallion

This drink recipe was included in a flyer that came with a bottle of Tuaca that I bought several years ago. I'm posting the recipes online for safe keeping....

Author: Vickie Parks

Berry Sangria (like Olive Garden's)

These are so good! They are a very sweet drink but one taste and you'll be hooked!

Author: Kathy Sandoz

Watermelon Cooler

Created by the New York bar expert Dale DeGroff, this is the ultimate wine cooler. It's refreshing and, contrary to what you might think, only lightly...

Author: Jane Black

Tiger Woods Cocktail

Not sure where I found this, but it sounds good.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Snowflake Martini

A "cool" winter drink from Texas Tables

Author: Lynnda Cloutier

Amarula Rula


Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Red Dragon

Fruity Drink made in honor of Welsh flag

Author: Lynn Clay

Cinnamon liqueur and "Hot Damn"

This recipe takes 4 weeks to cure so plan ahead for the holiday seasoning

Author: Stormy Stewart

Sparkling Mango

Author: William L. Hamilton

Pink Cadillac Margarita (Sallye)

Relinquish your car keys before you start imbibing this knock your socks off margarita. Like that famed pink Cadillac, it may look (and taste) smooth,...

Author: sallye bates

Vanilla Vodka Creamtini

a unique flavored vodka mix with Irish cream and orange liqueurs to make this sweet, sugar-rimmed cocktail.

Author: Jen Smallwood

Bahamian Sky Juice

This is the national drink of the Bahamas.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Pink Greyhound

Posted for Think Pink.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Lavender Lemonade (for Adults)

Lemonade with a kick-not for the kiddies! Cook time is refrigerating time.

Author: Mikekey *

Perfect Agave Margarita

Much research has caused me to determine that most Americans have been led down the 'preverbal' path in the ingredients of a great margarita. We have grown...

Author: Bob Koch

Fuzzy Navel Martini

I got this recipe from a booklet (came with a bottle of vodka that I bought) that listed various martini recipes. This one is rather tasty, even when I...

Author: Vickie Parks

Bayou Self Cocktail

A tasty tropical cocktail.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)


The Tuxedo is a simple affair, made of gin, sherry and orange bitters, that will give any traditional martini a run for its money in dryness. One of the...

Author: Robert Simonson

Butterscotch Schnapps

Most recipes out there are about the same mine has a few differences. The kind of sugar and the amount of butterscotch extract.

Author: Stormy Stewart

Tequila and Watermelon

The most crowd-pleasing summer highball there is: a little sweet, a little spicy and exuberantly pink.

Author: Rosie Schaap

Candy Bar Cocktail

There are several cocktails of the same name on other mixology websites, but they're all completely different than this one. If you like your drinks chilled,...

Author: Vickie Parks

Piña Colada

The piña colada, which originated in Puerto Rico, is an irresistible classic, and an occasion to pull out paper umbrellas - a tiki-culture addition. Just...

Author: Rosie Schaap

Holiday Punch Adult Drink

I recently had this delicious punch at our holiday BUNKO group and it was very good. Be careful as you cannot taste or feel the alcohol in it.

Author: Stephanie Dodd

Brown Cow

An adult version of a kids favorite drink.

Author: Lynnda Cloutier

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss

If you have a lot of cranberry juice cocktail sitting in the frig. you might like to try this drink! The local papers Wednesday food section has a mixed...

Author: Patrice Manning

Peach Melba Martini for Two

I've made several variations, but this is my favorite.This is my "go to" when I want a taste of summer, romance, or just want to smile. I've used peach...

Author: Robin Arquilla

~ Cream Of The Crop Cocktail ~

Experimenting with some cheer last night and we all loved this little concoction. I hope you do as well! Happy New Year!!!

Author: Cassie *

Mango Cooler

This is very refreshing and provides a tropical touch. It's perfect for those hot summer days when you need something cool and refreshing.

Author: Vickie Parks

Mediterranean Cocktail

I enjoy the flavor of lemons and pomegranates so I combined the two flavors for an outdoor party drink. It turned out to be a hit with my adult guests!...

Author: Isis Bakeet

Smith and Wesson

A good summer drink. Or actually - anytime!

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Classic Sgroppino

Sgroppino is a lemon-based Italian cocktail that originated in Sicily. It's pronounced s-gro-PEEN-yoe. It's a simple yet refreshing cocktail consisting...

Author: Vickie Parks

Clear Gummy Bear (Cocktail)

This recipe comes from my son who used to work in a restaurant in San Diego, California. And this was one of the most popular cocktails served in the lounge....

Author: Vickie Parks

Pretty Pink Cocktail

This is a recipe that was in my facebook feed one day. It sounded so good, so I jotted it down to try. It's a great cocktail with a tangy zing to it. I...

Author: Vickie Parks

Banana Banshee

This sounds yummy. Someone let me know pls.

Author: Holli Cadwell-Dunn