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Peach Preserves

These fragrant preserves are simple to make, and may be stored. Toast and biscuits will never taste the same again!

Author: Kevin

Prickly Pear Jelly

This is my grandmother's recipe. It is good on anything grape jelly is good on! Handle prickly pears carefully, wearing gloves. Store jelly in a cool,...

Author: Jennifer Simons

The Best Natural Peach Jam or Filling

This peach jam uses only real ingredients, no store-bought pectin. The apple provides natural pectin (especially the seeds and peel) and gives the jam...

Author: TexasJG

Kumquat Orange Marmalade

A sweet home made kumquat marmalade made with fresh kumquats and a couple of oranges. No added pectin is necessary for this seasonal treasure. The amount...


Black Raspberry Jelly

Traditional and delicious homemade black raspberry jelly.

Author: DelightfulDines

Sparkling Holiday Jam

This Strawberry-Cranberry Jam is delightful. It looks beautiful in a jar with a ribbon in a Christmas basket.


Easy Onion Jam

This is an easy onion jam that is incredibly versatile. It enhances anything from rice or barley dishes to spreading on a piece of bread. Great accompaniment...

Author: Adam Schiff

Strawberry Preserves I

This is just an old fashioned recipe for strawberry preserves. This recipe leaves the berries whole for a rich chunky jam.

Author: Stephanie

Raspberry Peach Jam

One of my favorite homemade jams. A summery fresh taste and easy to make. Store jars in a cool, dark area.

Author: Mlooman

Buttery Caramel Apple Jam

This recipe was inspired by others I had found online. They were very good but seemed to taste more like apple pie, so I changed it to be more like caramel....


Freezer Persimmon Jam

Imagine spreading this tasty jam on a fresh, hot biscuit! Pureed persimmons are boiled with sugar, lemon juice, orange zest and nutmeg, then sealed in...

Author: sal

Five Minute Nectarine Jam

I found a recipe online for nectarine jam. It stated that nectarine skin has natural pectin and jam would set as long as the fruit wasn't peeled (Note:...

Author: JuliaH

Easy Rhubarb Jam

This is a quick and easy recipe for your rhubarb from your spring garden. My husband goes through a jar every other day!

Author: XSTCH3

Apple Pear Butter

This fruit butter is not too sweet and is a family favorite. Store in an airtight container or can. This is a great holiday present. I cover the lid with...

Author: idunasappl

Concord Grape Onion Jam

No one in our family cares much about Concord grape jelly but as a savory jam with onion and balsamic vinegar on goat cheese, it's a whole different story....

Author: nch

Low Sugar Raspberry Jam

You would never think this raspberry jam is low in sugar and calories yet still sweet enough with just the right amount of tartness. Try spooning it on...

Author: Yoly

Strawberry Orange Creamsicle Jam

Tastes just like a strawberry-infused orange creamsicle! Just like dessert. If you like this, you might also like strawberry margarita jam, which I highly...

Author: Audrey Raichart Wright

Jan's Cranberry Curd

Tangy and sweet! Spread on toast, rolls, or your favorite pumpkin quick bread. Delicious served warm over ice cream or pancakes. Endless possibilities....

Author: What's for dinner, mom?

Kumquat Marmalade

Pick fresh kumquats, or buy from a local fruit stand to make this marmalade.

Author: Van

Quick Apple Jelly

Using an electric juicer to extract juice for jelly making can be adapted to other fruits. Jelly making this way is faster, less messy, and less likely...

Author: kathy

Banana Flavored Jam

Try this tropical jam warm over pancakes and waffles or spread on bread when it's cool.

Author: sal

Mint Jelly

A traditional mint jelly made from fresh mint.


Red Currant Jelly

A classic red currant jelly made from fresh currants. This came from my one of my mother's handwritten recipe cards. I do not know its origin, but know...


Habanero Pepper Jelly

Blazing hot pepper jelly is addictive if you can handle it! The grated carrot adds nice color and texture. Pepper hotness and people's tolerance varies,...

Author: Lunasea