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Drunken Cranberry Sauce

A delicious holiday (or not) whole berry sauce that is so simple (if you don't sneak a sip of the liquid while you are acquiring the ingredients) that...

Author: R. Richard Daggett

Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam

I got the original idea for this recipe from Ina Garten of the Food Network; she made a similar jam using apples for pectin, but with much more sugar....

Author: ScrumptiousWY

Stone Fruit Slaw

Author: Bon App├ętit Test Kitchen

Spicy Cocoa Glazed Pecans

The original of this slightly tweaked recipe comes from the Dec 2006 cookbooklet, Best Recipes, Hershey's Holiday Favorites. Preparation time does not...

Author: Sydney Mike

Cranberry Kumquat Sauce

Author: Lillian Chou

Golden Pineapple Chutney

Author: Norman Van Aken

Mango and Cucumber Chow

Green mangoes would be ideal, but slightly unripe mangoes are an imperfect but successful substitute.

Author: Sarah Kirnon

Creamy Hawaiian Fruit Salad

Make and share this Creamy Hawaiian Fruit Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Pinay0618

Sweet & Spicy Pecans

These nuts are great on top of a delicious salad, but are also good as a snack. Because there is no butter, it keeps the calorie count low! This recipe...

Author: breezermom

Cinnamon and Honey Almonds

Make and share this Cinnamon and Honey Almonds recipe from Food.com.

Author: Boomette

Cranberry Clafouti

Make and share this Cranberry Clafouti recipe from Food.com.

Author: Boomette

Pomegranate Persimmon Salad With Warm Goat Cheese

Very tasty! Worth the work of getting the pomegranate seeds out. You can use fuyu persimmons crunchy or soft, we prefer them at least a little soft.

Author: Maito

Fruit Salad With Lime Yogurt Dressing

This is one of my favorite fruit salad recipes! I can't remember where I got it from originally. This works well with prety much any combination of fruit...

Author: anonymous

Endive Boats with Apple, Blue Cheese, and Hazelnuts

I got this recipe from my friend Heather who served it at her New Year's party a few years ago and I have made it many, many times since. This recipe makes...

Author: barbara

Grilled Fresh Figs and Blue Cheese

I bought fresh figs at the farmer's market and the grower shared this simple and delicious fig preparation with me. We had it for a Father's Day dinner...

Author: CaliforniaJan

Spiced Streusel Apple Pie

Author: Carole Bloom

Chicken Normandy Withrow

Author: Danny C. Withrow

Goat Cheese, Chive and Pistachio Spread

Make and share this Goat Cheese, Chive and Pistachio Spread recipe from Food.com.

Author: Sydney Mike

Swedish Cabbage and Orange Salad

This recipe was found in the 1973 cookbook, Scandinavian Cooking. Preparation time does not include the time needed for the salad to chill!

Author: Sydney Mike

Oven, Stove Top Methods for Toasting Plain Walnuts or Other Nuts

Make and share this Oven, Stove Top Methods for Toasting Plain Walnuts or Other Nuts recipe from Food.com.

Author: Stella Mae