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Instant Pot® Ham

This is one reason I love my Instant Pot®. I can pull a frozen ham from the freezer, put it in the Instant Pot® with just 3 ingredients and, with almost...

Author: Brandi Doss Russell

Ham and Cheese Pie

This is a wonderful recipe for either a brunch or a refreshing dinner. The eggs, ham, cheese, and croissants give it a wonderfully rich flavor for all...

Author: CD Gundersen

Ham and Broccoli Bake

An easy casserole that uses Bisquick baking mix. Great for leftover holiday ham. I like that this uses sharp cheddar and swiss cheeses, but you could use...

Author: Parsley

Bourbon Glazed Ham


Author: Jennifer

Jambon Braise Au Madere (Braised Ham W/Madeira Sauce France)

This recipe from *The Best Ever French Cooking Course* cookbook by Carole Clements & Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen really impressed me as an easy way to turn an...

Author: twissis

Boston Baked Beans

I don't know where I got this recipe that I've been using for years but it is definitely a man pleaser! I think that a ham bone gives the best flavour...

Author: CountryLady

Thyme Honey Glazed Ham

Hams with a thick honey glaze can sometimes be too cloying. This recipe takes a more balanced approach that results in a light sweetness and a beautiful...

Author: Maggie Ruggiero

Cooking a Pre Cooked Ham in the Crock Pot

I met a lady sorting through a bin of hams at the grocery store. I had missed those and she commented they were the best. They were smoked, mostly boneless,...

Author: Red_Apple_Guy

Grammie Bea's New England Boiled Dinner

New England boiled dinner is often made with a smoked ham shoulder, and that's the way we always had it at my house growing up. The flavor is incredible...

Author: Lindas Busy Kitchen

Slow Cooker Picnic Ham

Super easy, delicious, with only two ingredients! Note: Only use bone-in picnic ham! This recipe came from Allrecipe.com.

Author: lenee1030

Ham and Cheese Bites

I got this recipe from my Mom, they are tasty little appetizers. They are made in mini muffin tins. We like to use real bacon bits for this recipe. Watch...

Author: Hag chef

Baked Ham in the Crock Pot

Make and share this Baked Ham in the Crock Pot recipe from Food.com.

Author: bmcnichol

Baked Ham With Bourbon Glaze

This is a classic Southern recipe for Easter or Christmas. The sweetness of the honey and molasses is cut by the bourbon and orange juice, making for a...

Author: breezermom

Easy Ham Fried Rice

This inst your traditional fried rice, but it is a great recipe, using another recipe that is posted on here for soy sauce, Recipe #111373, which I used...

Author: Miss Diggy

Maple /Brown Sugar Glaze for Ham

Make and share this Maple /Brown Sugar Glaze for Ham recipe from Food.com.

Author: School Chef

Spicy Ham Slice/Steak

I'm not a big ham fan but I just LOVE this dish. Easy to do, very forgiving - you can substitute different kinds of juice or soda. Ham steaks freeze well...

Author: shb1964

Honey Glazed Ham

We were on a vacation with the administrative chef of Quebec's famous Chateau Frontenac and upon returning to the chalet, he made this recipe to which...

Author: mozarth622

Whole Baked Ham

If you are planning ot serve a ham for dinner this Easter weekend there are several to choose from at your butcher or supermarket meat counter. Here is...

Author: Chef mariajane

Ham and Great Northern Bean Soup for the Crock Pot

Title says it all. Put this it together using a little bit from this recipe and a little bit from that recipe but mostly suggestions from my Mom. Tip I...

Author: Cats Pajamas

Cherry Pineapple Glazed Ham

I am lucky to receive a spiral sliced ham from my boss each Christmas. This year I wanted to glas it differently, but I forgot to get ingredients at the...

Author: MsSally

Mapled Ham

Ham with pineapples, cloves, and a sweet maple syrup sauce - it's a holiday classic!

Author: Colleen Criswell

Ham, Cheese, and Tomato Pizza

Make and share this Ham, Cheese, and Tomato Pizza recipe from Food.com.

Author: Sara 76

Ham & Swiss Cheese Linguine

Make and share this Ham & Swiss Cheese Linguine recipe from Food.com.

Author: bmcnichol

Ham Steak With Cider Glaze

Make and share this Ham Steak With Cider Glaze recipe from Food.com.

Author: Lvs2Cook

Bourbon, Pineapple and Orange Glazed Holiday Ham

One of my family's favorite holiday ham recipes --perfect for Easter or New Year's celebrations. The glaze is really wonderful-- half gets brushed onto...

Author: BecR2400

Pot Liquor (Likker) Soup

This is as Southern as it gets. But the recipe is made quicker by using canned products and prepackaged greens. For New Years, substitute black-eyed peas,...

Author: breezermom

Man vs. Meat Stromboli

Get ready to feed a crowd with this meaty stromboli. With ground beef, salami, coppa ham, pepperoni, and plenty of mozzarella and provolone cheese, this...

Author: marriedtoacook

Pittsburgh Ham Barbecue Sandwich

An easy to make ham barbecue sandwich.

Author: Sloppycook

Ham Stuffed Manicotti OAMC

This has been part of my OAMC rotation for a long time. This recipe easily doubles or triples. Make one now and one for later.

Author: bmcnichol

Red Bean Soup With Andouille Sausage (Crock Pot)

Posting this for ZWT 2006 (French, Cajun & Creole region). I absolutely love red beans & rice though I make it my own weird way and when I found this recipe,...

Author: JanetB-KY

Cranberry Meatloaf

Make and share this Cranberry Meatloaf recipe from Food.com.

Author: Courtly

Fantastic Crock Pot/Slow Cooker Ham

You may never bake another ham in the oven again after you try this! --- you will need a large crock pot for this, choose a size of ham that will fit into...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Pierogie Broccoli and Ham Bake

Uses convenient frozen pierogies (Mrs. T's brand) for an all-in-one casserole. The mini "'Rogies" work best, but the regular size are OK too.

Author: Parsley

Joe's Split Pea, Bacon, Ham & Potato Soup

This was my first attempt at making pea soup, and because it was the first time, I went and checked out a multitude of other recipes to get ideas. This...

Author: Smokin Joe of Wixom

Grandma's Split Pea Soup

After any family ham dinner, my grandmother, and then my mother, and finally me, always use the hambone to make this hearty, home-y soup.

Author: Chefiebig

Ham It Up Spaghetti

A dish that is truly comfort food.

Author: Kelly Jo Telladira

Brothy Split Pea & Ham Soup

This is a great soup to make in the months when nothing much is growing...you can find everything you need in your pantry...or easily found at the grocery...

Author: breezermom

Asparagus Bundles With Prosciutto & Goat Cheese

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables any way you prepare it but wrapped in prosciutto, drizzled with olive oil and baked with cheese - oh my! This...

Author: SusieQusie

Cheese and Potato Soup

Author: Dorothy Davis

Hawaiian Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

Two things that taste great together! This recipe is a great appetizer; you may have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now! It's easy, colorful...

Author: alligirl

Ham Pineapple Dip or Spread Appetizer

A VERY TASTY dip or spread which can be used with crackers or baquettes. Easy preparation and is great for any party, shower, wedding reception or just...

Author: Seasoned Cook

Ww Ham Steak With Pineapple Sauce 4 Points

Serve with sweet potato wedges, steamed veggies and corn muffins to complement this pineapple-flavored sauce. Out of a Weight Watchers Cookbook called...

Author: teresas

Thyme and Honey Glazed Ham

Make and share this Thyme and Honey Glazed Ham recipe from Food.com.

Author: Chef mariajane

Cider Glazed Honey Baked Ham

Another Land-O-Lakes recipe. This is a very easy recipe and looks really good. I haven't tried it yet, but if you do please let me know.

Author: daisygrl64

German Style Potato and Ham Salad

Author: Melissa Roberts-Matar

Brown Sugar and Mustard Baked Ham

This recipe may sound a bit strange, but my family has been making baked ham this way for generations and everyone loves it! It has a wonderful flavor...

Author: Goose Hollow Farm