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Quick Garlic Soup

This recipe can be prepared a day ahead and can easily be doubled or tripled. I garnish each serving with a dab of sour cream. By adding chicken and rice,...

Author: Taste of Home

Asian Chicken Chopped Salad Recipe by Tasty

Here's what you need: chicken breasts, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic clove, ginger, rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar,...

Author: Hitomi Aihara

White Bean 'N' Barley Soup

"A friend of mine gave me this recipe, and it's delicious," says Stephanie Land of Sudbury, Ontario.

Author: Taste of Home

Summer Corn and Cod Chowder

Author: Larraine Perri

Pita Pizza Pockets 4 Ways Recipe by Tasty

These pizza pita pockets come together in a flash - great for a weeknight dinner or when you need a quick snack. Choose your favorite fillings from the...

Author: Chris Salicrup

Contest Winning Three Bean Soup

This chili-like soup is delicious and very low in fat. Salsa, cumin and chili powder gave it plenty of flavor while several canned items make it fast to...

Author: Taste of Home

Cauliflower Lettuce Salad

This crispy crunchy salad captures the flavor of seven-layer salad with a few less layers and fuss. This is one of my family's most-requested recipes.

Author: Taste of Home

Vegetable Hamburger Soup

This filling soup is a favorite in our family and is fast to prepare. It is the one food I take most often to friends who are in need of a helping hand.-Eleanor...

Author: Taste of Home

Curried Squash and Red Lentil Soup

Sweet butternut squash, earthy red lentils, and curry powder are the stars of this lively vegetarian soup thatÂ’s wonderful ladled over basmati rice. A...

Author: Ruth Cousineau

Dill Chicken Soup

I could eat soup for every meal of the day, all year long. I particularly like dill and spinach-they add a brightness to this light and healthy soup. -Robin...

Author: Taste of Home

Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe by Tasty

Smacking with savory flavor, and creamy in texture, this soup will have you wishing for an endless winter. It's essentially composed of mushrooms, heavy...

Author: Merle O'Neal

Quick Barbecued Ham Sandwiches

Thanks to Mollie Fry, barbecue has never been easier. The reader writes to us from Carolina barbecue country, Raleigh, North Carolina, and sends her recipe...

Author: Taste of Home

Spaghetti with Crab and Tomatoes

Author: Julia Turshen

Pasta Bean Soup

My family loves this soup during our cold New England winters. It's very thick and hearty.-Beverly Ballaro, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Author: Taste of Home

Dairy Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

This homemade version of the canned standard- has no dairy or preservatives. Try it in your favorite green bean casserole recipe! -Courtney Stultz, Weir,...

Author: Taste of Home

Honey French Dressing

The smooth thick dressing is a nice blend of tangy and sweet, with flavor reminiscent of a Western dressing. I got this recipe years ago when I worked...

Author: Taste of Home

Chicken & Bean Chili


Author: Taste of Home

Cabbage Patch Soup

My family is always glad to see this slightly sweet and mildly zippy soup as part of the menu. The cabbage is shredded, so the kids never notice it!-Fran...

Author: Taste of Home

Honey Mustard Chicken, Bacon, And Avocado Salad Recipe by Tasty

Here's what you need: olive oil, honey, stone ground mustard, dijon mustard, lemon, minced garlic, salt, pepper, chicken thighs, romaine lettuce, cherry...

Author: Ochi Scobie

Grapefruit Spinach Salad

"My mother-in-law prepared this for us on a recent visit," relates Lee Ann Odell of Boulder, Colorado. The fresh-tasting salad of spinach and grapefruit...

Author: Taste of Home


"Kids of all ages will love these pizza-flavored sandwiches," promises Omaha, Nebraska's Jennifer Short. And because the meat-filled buns don't need to...

Author: Taste of Home

Pork Chili

My husband usually tries to avoid spending time in the kitchen, but he'll frequently offer to prepare this easy chili. Of course, he always eagerly serves...

Author: Taste of Home

Mixed Vegetable Salad

Anita Gibson of Clinton, Illinois shares colorful, crunchy and slightly sweet Mixed Vegetable Salad.

Author: Taste of Home

Singapore Laksa Recipe by Tasty

Get a tantalising taste of Singapore for yourself with this spiced bowl of laksa.

Author: VisitSingapore

Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad

At home in Salem, Oregon, Christine Vaught packs her chunky and nutritious salad with crunchy apple and celery, dried cranberries, blue cheese and almonds...

Author: Taste of Home

Sausage Sauerkraut Soup

I've taken this satisfying soup to church gatherings and family reunions, and it always receives wonderful compliments. Everyone loves it! -Elizabeth Goetzinger,...

Author: Taste of Home

Roasted Vegetable Soup

This veggie- and bean-packed soup will appease the heartiest of appetites.-Bean Education and Awareness Network, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Author: Taste of Home

Tossed Italian Garden Salad

A fresh garden salad with homemade Italian-style dressing is the perfect accompaniment to my special lasagna. Nicely seasoned with garlic, herbs and a...

Author: Taste of Home

The Perfect Hamburger

Chili sauce and horseradish add some zip to these hamburgers and make them a nice change from ordinary burgers. We think they're perfect! -Shirley Kidd,...

Author: Taste of Home

Asian Long Noodle Soup

This flavorful soup is perfect for when you want something warm and filling in a hurry. If you can't find long noodles, angel hair pasta is a good substitute....

Author: Taste of Home

Pressure Cooker Lamb Pitas with Yogurt Sauce

The spiced lamb in these stuffed pita pockets goes perfectly with cool cucumber and yogurt. It's like having your own Greek gyro stand in the kitchen!...

Author: Taste of Home

Barbecue Ham Sandwiches

Busy Fogelsville, Pennsylvania cook Constance Eddy writes, This tangy sauce freezes well and is even better when it's reheated. "It's great on hot dogs,...

Author: Taste of Home

Fruit Cocktail Delight

I use convenient canned fruit cocktail and instant pudding to prepare this dessert. It makes a refreshing and pretty finale to any meal, especially when...

Author: Taste of Home

Italian Sausage Orzo Soup

I always look for recipes high in taste and nutrition but low on prep time and fat. This thick, chunky soup fills the bill and is such a family favorite...

Author: Taste of Home

Favorite Fish Chowder

Economics had a lot to do with what we ate when I was growing up in New Hampshire during the Depression. Money may have been scarce, but fish was plentiful...

Author: Taste of Home

French Lentil and Carrot Soup

It's crazy how just a few ingredients can make such a difference. Using finely chopped rotisserie chicken in this recipe makes it perfect for a busy weeknight...

Author: Taste of Home

Chilled Beet Soup With Buttermilk, Cucumbers, and Dill (Chlodnik)

This classic Polish soup (which has close cousins across Eastern Europe) is the ultimate in summer refreshment: Cool, creamy, and gently crunchy from cucumbers,...

Author: Adina Steiman

Open Faced Beef Sandwiches

"As a working mom of two daughters, I'm always looking for a quick meal," notes Christine Weimar from New Britain, Pennsylvania. "I make these hearty sandwiches...

Author: Taste of Home

Turkey Salad

I serve this on a bed of lettuce, as a sandwich or in a croissant for a special occasion.-Ruthe Holmberg, Louisville, Kentucky

Author: Taste of Home

Italian Beef Vegetable Soup

This hearty vegetable beef soup features a ton of fresh vegetables, making it the perfect dish to use up all that summer produce. It's also great during...

Author: Taste of Home

Tortilla Soup with Chicken and Lime

Tortilla Soup - An adaptation of a recipe from Mexican Light Cooking by our friend Kathi Long, a chef and author in Santa Fe.

Author: Kathi Long

Grilled Portobello Sandwiches

This sandwich is so good, I've actually made one just for myself, and I don't usually do that. The flavor is absolutely wonderful!-Diane Werner, Oconomowoc,...

Author: Taste of Home

Zippy Slow Cooked Chili

Serve up steaming bowls of this chili to warm your family on a cold winter's day...and you'll get plenty of compliments! Travis Skroch of Stratford, Wisconsin...

Author: Taste of Home

Hearty Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Oregano really shines in this hearty soup from field editor Traci K Wynne, Denver, Pennsylvania. "It smells delicious while it's cooking and makes a great...

Author: Taste of Home

BLT Bow Tie Pasta Salad

This is one of our favorite cold pasta salad recipes. I first tried it at a family reunion, and it's become one of my husband's favorite dinners. Sometimes,...

Author: Taste of Home

Cowboy Chili

Sweet and chunky describe this hearty chili that kids will love. For the adults, add a dash or two of hot sauce and warm up your winter, and your taste...

Author: Taste of Home

Chicken Parmesan Slider Bake


Author: Taste of Home