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Karl Ratzsch's Hungarian Beef Goulash

This recipe is from Karl Ratzsch's restaurant in Milwaukee where I have eaten many times when I lived in Chicago. You will notice the absence of tomatoes,...

Author: Dan-Amer 1

Kathy's No Potato Beef Stew

This is a recipe I concocted when I was trying to cut down on my carb intake. I don't watch my carbs as closely anymore, but I don't add the taters either....

Author: DuChick

Beef Stew With Tomatoes and Rice

From Low Fat One Dish Meals from Around the World, posted for ZWT III, France. "This dish comes from the western Meditteranean corner of France", according...

Author: pattikay in L.A.

Fish Soup/Stew With Vegetables

Years ago, I adapted this recipe from a 1970s paperback Booth's (Pillsbury) Fish and Seafood Cookbook. It has always had rave reviews from tasters here....

Author: Leggy Peggy

Zucchini Stew Vegetarian

This chunky stew delightfully uses the abundant zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and green beans my garden produces. It is perfect for a summer dinner or a...

Author: Deb Wolf

Sausage and Chicken Stew

Delicious. The original recipe I believe came from Bon Appetit April 1991 but was given to me by a close friend. I played around with it today and came...

Author: Nimz_

Slow Cooker Chicken Brunswick Stew

This stew is sweet, tangy, and delicious. It is from my Husbands Grandma who lives in Fairfax, Virginia. Don't be scared off by the long list of ingredients,...

Author: Munchkin Mama

Guajillo Spiked Pork And Potato Tacos

Mexican comfort food good enough to serve guests. You can even make it the day before and reheat it right before serving adding a little water if needed....

Author: cookiedog

Hungarian Beef Goulash Aka "porkolt"

I took the original Hungarian version that my parents taught me, and added my own flare. I hope you like it as much as I do. For best results, use real...

Author: szabo5

Bavarian Beef With Red Cabbage

Make this hearty German style stew for an Oktoberfest party. Serve it on a large platter atop poppy seed noodles, accompanied by the tangy red cabbage...

Author: Olha7397

Classic Beef Bourguignon

This dish is a labor of love. If you make it, you will be nicely rewarded with tender chunks of beef, onion, mushroom, and carrot in a cognac and red wine...

Author: Rhubarbarella

Indian Beef Stew

Last night I was hunting for the perfect recipe for a traditional Keralite(south-Indian)beef stew and I just could'nt find a "perfect" one anywhere on...

Author: Seeprats

Parker's Beef Stew

I saw this on Barefoot Contessa. I'm not a fan of beef stew but this looked so good that I had to post. I don't lose the recipe and I can't wait for colder...

Author: Porfavorcorona

Smoked Ham Hock Hominy Stew

Be still, my Southern heart! I am already envisioning this with a pot of greens and a pan of piping hot No-Flour Cornbread (#173017). Recipe from Bon Appetit...

Author: Pinay0618

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

If you don't have a pressure cooker, this works fine in a dutch oven. Increase the beef broth to 3 cups and cook for 2 hours.

Author: MizzNezz

Lebanese/Syrian Bazella

After having lived in Syria for the past year for school, I learned how to make several authentic dishes. They will probably taste different outside the...

Author: Mustafas Cook

Beef and Beer Stew

A delicious beef stew that my dad taught me how to make - I added the beer on my own and you can replace it with another cup of stock. This stew - like...

Author: Rogue Red

Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Stew

This is a hearty, easy and very filling meal that my family loves. It can be adjusted for a thicker stew that my husband likes served over rice, or chicken...

Author: IansMom

Chickpea Stew

A couple of chicken thighs amount to a lot of flavor alongside the filling chickpeas and crusty bread in this hearty Lebanese-inspired stew.

Author: Bon App├ętit Test Kitchen

Virginia's Best Brunswick Stew

Georgians and Virginians both claim that this stew originated in their respective town of Brunswick and Brunswick County. I may be a born and raised Virginia...

Author: Lauren H

Lebanese/Syrian Fasoulia

This dish is similar to Bazella, with its tomato-based broth. In this dish, the main ingredients are fasoulia, a type of lima bean and meat. Cubes of lamb...

Author: Mustafas Cook

Ultimate Beef Stew Tyler Florence

Tyler Florence's Ultimate Beef Stew. Serve with recipe #256718. Note that the flour is only for dredging the meat; any excess should be discarded. (Also,...

Author: DrGaellon

Caramel Pear Butter

Author: Jill Silverman Hough

Lamb Stew With Currants

Make and share this Lamb Stew With Currants recipe from Food.com.

Author: MarraMamba

Caldeirada (Portuguese Fish Stew)

Make and share this Caldeirada (Portuguese Fish Stew) recipe from Food.com.

Author: coolinaria

Pozole Rojo Pork and Hominy Stew

This is a labor intensive recipe for those who like to cook and eat well. Pozole is often served at Christmas or the New Year. My mom declares this her...

Author: cookiedog

Creole Pork Stew

This is a recipe I found on the internet and it was different than my usual method of making stew. I never used tomato paste, worcestershire sauce, sage,...

Author: Luby Luby Luby

Aloo Gobi Mattar Cauliflower, Pea and Potato Curry

Why choose between aloo gobi and aloo mattar when you can have both? This is a really tasty dish adapted from the Aloo Gobi recipe at Route79.com - It's...

Author: Whats Cooking

Crock Pot Beef Stew With Red Wine and Herb Dumplings

Make and share this Crock Pot- Beef Stew With Red Wine and Herb Dumplings recipe from Food.com.

Author: slcampbell75

Frogmore Stew Low Carb

Here is a low carb version of a lowcounrty favorite. Come October in the South Carolina lowcountry, when the shrimp season overlaps high blue crab season,...

Author: Porfavorcorona

Italian Vegetable Stew

I found this recipe in a Canadian Living Magazine, which calls for vegetable marrow. I wondered what this vegetable was, as I'd never seen it before. Turns...

Author: Katzen

Beef Stroganoff W/Egg Noodles by Chef Jean Pierre

Make and share this Beef Stroganoff W/Egg Noodles by Chef Jean-Pierre recipe from Food.com.

Author: dianemanny

Moroccan Meatball Stew

This is a very spicy but absolutely delicious stew which we enjoyed. The original recipe says to serve it over couscous which I skipped. This looks like...

Author: ellie_

Cuban Flank Steak and Pepper Stew

This recipe is how I found out I like Cuban food, a lot. My husband, who is Colombian, loved this also. I just have to hide from him the fact that after...

Author: threeovens

Crock Pot Kielbasa Garbanzo Stew

This is a very simple and great recipe that my family has been making for years and I don't see anything like it on this site. It's from a 1976 edition...

Author: Oliver1010

Quick Pork Stew With Peppers and Tomatoes

This is a pretty, quick and tasty stew. I like to serve it over egg noodles and topped with parmesan cheese. If I'm in the mood for spicy and smokey, I...

Author: Karens Krazy Kitchen

Winter Squash, Chickpea & Red Lentil Stew

Inspired by the flavors of North Africa, this vegetarian stew replaces the tagine with the crock pot. The combination of saffron, ginger and cinnamon give...

Author: justcallmetoni

Caribbean Black Bean Stew

The tang of the citrus gives this otherwise fairly traditional Southwestern-style chili a taste of the Caribbean. Adapted from World Wide Recipes and posted...

Author: TxGriffLover

Italian Sub Stoup by Rachael Ray

This is an awesome "stoup" from Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals". I altered it to my families' tastes, and it is very simple to make.

Author: jewels041

Old Time Beef Stew Recipe Courtesy Paula Deen

Make and share this Old-Time Beef Stew Recipe Courtesy Paula Deen recipe from Food.com.

Author: Robyn

Seafood Etouffee

Cajun seafood stew to serve with a mound of rice on top. Adjust cayenne to taste. Start with a little, you can always add more later!

Author: kathiejacgmail.com

Cheesy Brat Stew for the Slow Cooker

Make and share this Cheesy Brat Stew for the Slow Cooker recipe from Food.com.

Author: dicentra

Irish Pot Roast

Make and share this Irish Pot Roast recipe from Food.com.

Author: DrGaellon

Filipino Crock Pot Adobo

I'm a busy Filipino and don't have time to watch my adobo simmer OR I forget to defrost the pork butt. So I just throw everything in a crock pot set at...

Author: Joodie

Sausage Stew With Potatoes

Make and share this Sausage Stew With Potatoes recipe from Food.com.

Author: Pinay0618

Seafood Stew (Crock Pot)

This is very good, hearty and low cal/low fat! I made this when I wanted to use what I had on hand -- all the seafood and chicken was in the freezer and...

Author: ellie_