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Mussels in Garlic Butter

This is a very quick and simple recipe for Mussels. I am not a seafood eater myself but the family do enjoy these.

Author: Tisme

Mussels on the Half Shell

I buy "New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels" on the half shell frozen from my supermarket. They are quite reasonable, and cooked this way, I think, very delicious....

Author: Paja9203

Mussels With Saffron Cream

adapted from gourmet 12/06, i made this tonite and loved it. very quick and easy, this makes an appy for 6-8 or a main course for me ( just kidding, sort...

Author: chia2160

Mussels Steamed in Coconut Milk, Lime and Cilantro

Make and share this Mussels Steamed in Coconut Milk, Lime and Cilantro recipe from Food.com.

Author: English_Rose

Island Mussels With Wild Mushrooms and Cream

I love this recipe, I have a love for mussels, and also for mushrooms, so the combination of the two are just the best for me - Try it, you'll like it...

Author: Chef mariajane

Moules à La Normande

Impress your dinner guests with this glorious Normandy recipe of juicy, plump mussels with apple brandy and bacon. Serve with loads of crusty bread to...

Author: English_Rose

Billi Bi Soup from Pierre Franey of the New York Times

This is considered to be the most elegant and delicious soup ever created! May be served hot or cold

Author: carrie sheridan

Karen's Smooth French Milk Mussels

These mussels have the taste of anise from the tarragon,chervil and further complemented with Pernod Ricard. Yes! You can use Absinthe or any liquor that...

Author: Rita1652

Mussels Congolaise

Original Recipe from Vancouver Food and Wine, but here is the recipe adapted by the Belgian Chef in a video especially for the mussels' lovers. Enjoy....

Author: pink cook

Steamed Mussels With Lime & Cilantro

The jalapeno and chili sauce supply a little kick and the lime and cilantro give a boose of fresh flavor. Pass the bread around to soak up all those lovely...

Author: Abby Girl

Steamed Mussels With Sauce Aurore

Rich, creamy, and most times decadent, bistro food , these mussels and sauce make a delicious appetizer course, or you can serve them as entree with classic...

Author: Claudia Wey

Mussels in Guinness & Garlic

This recipe is based on one of the most popular starters at "The Brazen Head" in Dublin, Ireland. This pub is reputed as not only the oldest in Dublin,...

Author: Alan in SW Florida

Provincetown Mussels

I was recently inspired on a trip to Cape Cod to incorporate the flavors of Portuguese Kale Soup into a steamed mussel dish. Kale soup was made a staple...

Author: Spice Boy

Sarasota's Creamy Mussels over Pasta With Herb Bread

Easy and flavorful. A rich creamy broth which can be served over angel hair pasta and crusty bread slathered with a herb butter. Now you can make your...

Author: SarasotaCook

Thai Mussels With Jasmine Rice

This is a yummy fragrant Thai dish that can be served by itself or with jasmine rice. If serving as is I would probably up the mussels to 3kg as mussels...

Author: The Flying Chef

Mussels With Greek Yogurt, Capers, and Mint

Make and share this Mussels With Greek Yogurt, Capers, and Mint recipe from Food.com.

Author: threeovens

Creamy Mussel and Leek Appetiser

We went out to eat right after Christmas and ate at one of our favourite hotels that do a Sunday brunch. I tried this mussel dish that they served in little...

Author: The Flying Chef

Mussels With Vietnamese Dressing

This recipes is from the ReadysteadyCook website. I have made this as part of a seafood buffet. The quantities can be easily increased.

Author: Coasty