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Pork Stir Fry

Quick stir fry using fresh veggies and cheap ingredients you probably have stocked in your cabinet already.

Author: EACline

Cassava Cake

This is a Pinoy dessert best served cold. It is easy to make if you are looking for a Filipino dessert.

Author: lola

Best Halibut Ever

I threw this together one night in less than 3 minutes and it came out so delicious I wanted to submit it so I remembered what I put into it. Ingredient...

Author: chefboyar-Dee

Chef John's Chicken Tikka Masala

I probably get more requests for Indian food than any other ethnic cuisine, so I was very excited to be posting this recipe for chicken tikka masala; until...

Author: Chef John

Authentic Saag Paneer

Saag paneer is a classic Indian dish of cooked spinach studded with cubes of fried paneer cheese. Thickened with cream or coconut milk, it's a hearty and...

Author: Allrecipes

Indian Dahl with Spinach

This is a very yummy, authentic dal. For variation, add coconut milk towards the end of cooking. Freezes well.

Author: Gillian Stevens

Thai Green Curry with Chicken

This is a green curry recipe I've cobbled together over the years. The vegetables aren't completely traditional, but they give the whole thing a good texture...

Author: Galen Dobbs

Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry)

Rajma is comfort food at its best. I like rajma best with simple jeera (cumin) rice. Of course, some roti would be great too. When I was in college, I...


Awesome Korean Steak

Quick cooking Korean Steak which has been handed down from a Korean lady to my Mum, to myself!! Serve over rice or with fried vegetables.


Grilled "Tandoori" Lamb

Here, 'tandoori' refers to the yogurt-based, aromatically spiced marinade that can be used on grilled, broiled, or baked meat. You can adjust the spices...

Author: Chef John

Turkey Lettuce Wraps ( PF Chang )

A copycat recipe from Damn Delicious with very few changes . So easy to fix at home, I was amazed ! This smells so great cooking that is it a good thing...

Author: lesliecoy

Chicken Tinola

This is a easy one-pot dish from the Philippines. It contains meat and vegetables all cooked together in one savory dish.

Author: lola

Caramelized Frog Legs

This is a very easy and unusual recipe. I serve these frog legs with basmati rice and a good green salad.

Author: Elodie~boulangerie

Butter Mochi Cake

This is a delectably rich, buttery, and simple-to-make rendition of the traditional Japanese dessert of red-bean mochi. Traditional Japanese mochi is made...


Creamy Garlic Prawns

This recipe is "to die for". Prawns sautéed in fresh garlic and coriander cream sauce. Simple to make. Remember to use lite cream and only half the salt...

Author: magic_elle

Korean Sautéed Fish Cake

Make and share this Korean Sautéed Fish Cake recipe from Food.com.

Author: powerplantop

Spicy Indian Lentil Stew (Daal)

This is an easy and rewarding recipe for a spicy and flavorful Indian dish of lentil stew! Serve on its own or with basmati rice.

Author: rbexx34

Dragon Noodles

Make and share this Dragon Noodles recipe from Food.com.

Author: gailanng

Spicy Sichuan Noodles With Ground Pork

For this recipe, we prefer fresh Chinese noodles with a width between linguine and fettuccine. If you are using Asian sesame paste that has a pourable...

Author: Vic Sams

Chinese Roast Pork

Marinated in a sherry honey glaze, then roasted to perfection, this dish will have you 'pigging out' to your heart's content!


The Only Marinade You Will Need for Grilled Salmon

Plan ahead the salmon will need to marinade for at least 8 hours, this marinade is enough for up to 16 ounces of salmon- you may adjust the fresh garlic...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Indian Spice Rub

Make and share this Indian Spice Rub recipe from Food.com.

Author: Sonya01

Buko (Young Coconut) Pie

You need a young coconut (buko) for this Filipino dessert where the coconut flesh has not yet hardened and is still very creamy.

Author: lola

Szechuan Beef with Green Beans and Red Bell Peppers

Quick, tasty, weeknight-friendly dish for a busy family. Serve with jasmine rice and top with scallions and sesame seeds if desired.

Author: Erica Royster

Asian Steamed Dumpling Filling

This a really terrific filling for those Asian steamed dumplings. The recipe was given to me by a good friend who is a chef at Benihana. You can use ground...

Author: Pot Scrubber

Korean Glass Noodles (Jap Chae)

The type of noodles used in this dish is made from sweet potato starch and translucent when cooked, hence the English name, 'glass noodles.' They are also...

Author: grk_tigris

Asian Beef Noodle Soup

Make and share this Asian Beef Noodle Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: mama smurf

Navratan Korma

This is an Indian vegetable korma with nuts, paneer cheese, and an adjustable list of vegetables. It is in a tomato-cream sauce as opposed to the usual...


Thai Green Mango Salad

My favorite Thai dish - sweet and spicy and savory at once!

Author: moosie

Ginger Garlic Paste

After finding tons of recipes calling for ginger-garlic paste, but only finding ginger paste or garlic paste, but not both, at local grocery stores, I...

Author: DC Girly Girl

Salpicao Jalisco

My favorite meal in the Philippines is Salpicao. I recently came up with this interpretation of the recipe, which immediately became the family favorite....

Author: COLVIN

Easy Chickpea Curry

This is my personal curry recipe that I've ended up developing over the years. It's very versatile - feel free to add any veggies or meats. All the ingredients...

Author: Juavichar

Channa Masala (Chickpea Curry)


Author: vburrito

Dan Dan Noodles (PF Chang Style)

Original recipe comes from Todd Wilbur's book "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes" however I've made some minor changes to fit personal taste. For something...

Author: Galley Wench

Homemade Chinese Lemon Chicken

No tricks to this Chinese lemon chicken dish! Simply add lots of sesame seeds just before serving!

Author: SAMMIE73

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Curry

Bell peppers add a touch of sweetness to this spicy Thai dish. This is my mom's recipe, to which I've added a touch of flair! Use more coconut milk if...

Author: tammyn316

Naan Bread Margherita Pizza with Prosciutto

This is one of my favorite friday night dishes. This pizza is quick, simple and delicious. Instead of making the pizza dough from scratch I decided to...

Author: Spoons and Stilettos

Kickin' Chicken Stir Fry

A great, easy stir fry with a good, spicy kick. This is a great way to stretch your protein while enjoying an awesome meal for two!

Author: ally-gator

Simple Pan Fried Tofu

An everyday dish from Hong Kong for those who love the taste of soy sauce. Kids will love the salty fried protein. Serve with rice or eat as a snack!

Author: The Cow

Thai Tamarind Chicken


Author: Savina

Chicken, Bacon and Spinach Salad

My husband think's he has died and gone to heaven with all the tasty morsels I have been serving up during this contest. I think this salad is a perfect...

Author: MarieRynr

Hunan Peppered Pork

An authentic, mouth-burning but delicious Hunan recipe served by my grandmother, who was born and grew up in the heart of Hunan province.

Author: Nancy Huang

Mocha Chiffon Cake

This light and airy cake has the delicious taste of coffee and is great for dessert or an afternoon snack.

Author: lola

Dong Po (Chinese Pork Belly)

Named after an ancient Chinese statesman, poet and gourmand of the Song Dynasty, the pork belly is cooked three different ways, rendering the meat succulent,...

Author: Good EatNZ

Instant Pot® Garlic Sesame Chicken Thighs

We love garlic and sesame sauce on chicken wings, and this is an entree version made with chicken thighs. Pressure cooking the chicken with the sauce infuses...

Author: fabeveryday

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mangoes

A delicious traditional Thai dessert.

Author: u812gosh

Taro Coconut Tapioca Dessert

Taro is a purple root vegetable, like a sweet potato, that is used in Asian recipes. Taro, tapioca and rock sugar can be found in most Chinese grocery...

Author: meeshiepoo

Vegetarian Bibimbap

I created this recipe from looking at a few different ones online and choosing my favorite aspects of each. This is vegetarian but there are many bibimbap...

Author: Lisa

Seasoned Rice Vinegar


Author: internetnut

Garam Masala

Make and share this Garam Masala recipe from Food.com.

Author: Scarlett516