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Popular Recipes

Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions

My family has been using this very simple and delicious recipe for sausage, peppers, and onions for years and years now. For an extra kick, try using half...

Author: GIGI9801

Homemade Bacon

Author: Michael Symon : Food Network

Baked Pork Chops with Cream of Mushroom Soup

When done right, these baked pork chops are fork-tender. Great comfort food for cold days! The cream of mushroom soup gravy is great on both the pork chops...


40 Minute Hamburger Buns

Here on our ranch, I cook for three men who love burgers. These fluffy hamburger buns are just right for their big appetites. The buns are so good that...

Author: Taste of Home

World's Best Pizza Crust

My mom makes the best pizza crust on several continents. It's fast and easy. Excellent as a white pizza or traditional red sauce, any toppings go.

Author: Isabeau

Air Fryer Cod


Author: Taste of Home

Ground Beef Taco Dip

Beef up your snack game and serve this easy taco dip with meat. Full of classic flavors, it's a little extra satisfaction for those football-day appetites....

Author: Taste of Home

Smoked Pork Chops

There are pork chops and then there are smoked pork chops. The rub has just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness that complements the smoky flavor...

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

Breaded Baked Pork Chops

This is a great, basic recipe for breaded baked pork chops. Feel free to experiment with different seasonings and breading. We just did a batch using honey-wheat...

Author: Weez



Author: Donna

Air Fryer Potato Chips

After I received an air fryer for Christmas, I discovered how simple it is to make potato chips in it. Good chips are an essential, crispy side for lunch....

Author: Taste of Home

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Author: Daphne Brogdon

Easy Roasted Chicken Thighs

This oven-roasted chicken recipe showcases juicy, flavorful thighs with a lemony sauce that makes itself in the pan. It's the ideal weeknight dinner for...

Author: Martha Stewart

Honey Garlic Brussels Sprouts

At a holiday dinner recently, I had the best Brussels sprouts ever! They were seasoned to perfection and lightly sweetened. I've tried to re-create the...

Author: Taste of Home

Yummy Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

This is an awesome blend of mustard with a wonderful hint of honey.


Buttery Blueberry Cobbler

As the name implies, this is a recipe that is rich and delicious. Since you can use either fresh or frozen blueberries, you can make this easy blueberry...

Author: Taste of Home

Pan Seared Lemon and Garlic Scallops

Scallops have a reputation for being hard to cook correctly, but this recipe is really fast, easy, and oh so tasty. The key is high heat for the sear,...

Author: Brian Genest

Air Fryer Cod

This air-fried cod couldn't get any easier! It starts with frozen cod fillets dipped in an egg wash and ranch-seasoned panko and the result is a piping...

Author: thedailygourmet

Amazingly Easy Irish Soda Bread

A good old fashioned soda bread with just the basic ingredients. Buttermilk gives this crusty loaf a good flavor. The best Irish soda bread around!

Author: MP Welty

Upper Peninsula Pasties

I grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where many people are of English ancestry. Pasties-traditional meat pies often eaten by hand-are popular there....

Author: Taste of Home

Newest Recipes

Grilled Taleggio Sandwich With Apricots and Capers

Buttery, salty and enduringly simple, the grilled cheese sandwich stands unrivaled in the universe of simple gastro-pleasures. It is the gateway sandwich...

Author: Jennifer Steinhauer

Shaddock's Fizz

Author: Jennifer Steinhauer

Grilled Giardiniera Stuffed Steak Sandwich

This rolled flank steak is inspired by the Italian beef sandwich, a Chicago delicacy typically consisting of chopped thin slices of roast beef stuffed...

Author: Food Network Kitchen

Better then Robert Redford Dessert

Make and share this Better then Robert Redford Dessert recipe from Food.com.

Author: Baking Bunny

Mapo Potato

Let's be clear: Nothing surpasses the hearty deliciousness of a traditional mapo tofu....

Author: Hetty McKinnon


This is a spicy, smoky and hearty pot of chili. It's the kind of chili you need after a long day skiing - or hibernating. To create a rich and thick sauce,...

Author: Ali Slagle


This recipe is from my mother. It is the one she taught me with a slight tweak. In my home on the holidays one way to show someone or a family they were...

Author: Jena Lewis

Pan Seared Chicken With Harissa, Dates and Citrus

Juicy, pan-seared chicken thighs in a saucy mix of peppery harissa, sour citrus and sweet caramelized dates will make this dish the star of your weeknight...

Author: Yewande Komolafe

Moroccan Nachos

This Moroccan twist on the much-loved appetizer features kefta, a ground beef (or lamb) mixture seasoned with parsley, cilantro, mint, paprika and cumin,...

Author: Nargisse Benkabbou

Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

I'm not a chocolate fan (atleast not the kind made in the U.S.), but I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate and this hit the spot. I found the recipe in 2007...

Author: AmyZoe

Banana Cream Pudding

This fabulous version of the favorite Southern dessert boosts the banana flavor by infusing it into the homemade vanilla pudding, in addition to the traditional...

Author: Martha Stewart

Lemon Russian Tea Cakes

I love lemon desserts,these are a simple cookie I can make quickly. The recipe is based on the pecan Russian tea cakes.I don't like lemon extract,instead...

Author: Stephanie L. @nurseladycooks

Easy Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce

Forgo the traditional frying -- and mixing up the batter! -- for this Latin American treat. Instead, bake store-bought puff pastry for churros that are...

Author: Martha Stewart

Easy Lasagna

Everyone loves lasagna. It's perfect for feeding a big crowd and a hit at potlucks. But most people reserve it for a weekend cooking project since it can...

Author: Food Network Kitchen

Grilled Vegetables Korean Style

Who doesn't love grilled vegetables -- the sauce just takes them over the top.

Author: Daily Inspiration S @DailyInspiration

Outrageous Chocolate Cookies

From Martha Stewart. I'm putting this here for safe keeping. This is a chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks. Yum! Do not over cook this cookie since...

Author: C. Taylor

Outrageous Chocolate Cookies

Make and share this Outrageous Chocolate Cookies recipe from Food.com.

Author: Jennifer Dawn

Banana Boat Superfood Smoothie

Author: Food Network Kitchen

Crackle Top Dough

Author: Food Network

CERTO® Citrus Jelly

A blend of freshly squeezed orange and lemon juices puts the citrusy deliciousness in this CERTO Citrus Jelly.

Author: My Food and Family